Natural Selection

“ NATURAL SELECTION DENIM draws inspiration from the spirit of competition and evolutionary progress. It is this essence of constant improvement that drives who we are, what we do and how we do it.  We salute the denim pioneers before us and we respect the creators that surround us today. “

Continuing along their path of evolution, Natural Selection, having extended, upgraded, increased and developed for Autumn Winter 2010, with their first full collection of apparel, alongside their highly-acclaimed pure denim range For this season, the team introduced a new 13Oz Fabric made of Zimbabwean cotton from Nihonmenpu mills in Okayama Japan. This fabric is available in its stunning raw form and also as a new wash, PILGRIM; a highly authentic wash which replicates a five year, vintage jean. The resulting dusty, aged wash creates the much sought after impression that the wearer has diligently cared for their own RAW jeans and allowed then to age with little washing over five years Also added to the range this season is the DRIFTER wash featuring high contrast ‘skeleton’ whiskering, which has an amazing three-dimensional visual impact. Other key washes for the season include Scrapes and Bruises, one of the most popular styles from Spring Summer 10; which comes in an Italian 12Oz selvedge. Natural Selection have skilfully developed a range of apparel to sit alongside their beloved denim, and from this season introduce two selvedge chino fabric pants from the Kuroki Mill in Japan. This is offered in a classic chino style and colour with subtle military detailing with a selvedge continuous fly, a world first innovation on an long lost heritage patent. Also inthe same fabric, but offered solely in black was the Equator style, taken  from the denim collection. Within the apparel collection are the RIVER JACKET and STELLIFY JACKET. These are two deconstructed tweed jackets with contrast corduroy, also included is the TIDE SHIRT which is deep indigo cotton /linen denim shirt with a contrast corduroy collar.
Natural Selection Jeans
natural selection Smith Straight Pilgrim
natural selection

natural selection equator straight done

natural selection denim

Natural Selection


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