Antik Denim – A New addition to It’s In Your Jeans

Always striving to find the latest brands and fashions, It’s In Your Jeans introduces you to Antik Denim. Founded in LA in 2004, Antik Denim is one of the hottest brands to come out of Hollywood in recent years.

Antik Denim

Antik Denim History

Los Angeles-based Antik Denim was founded in 2004 and quickly became a recognized premium denim brand in both United States and internationally. Antik Denim’s signature designs of decorated jeans with hand-made embroidery and patchwork are the must have in Hollywood and each pair is considered to be a unique denim masterpiece.

The manufacturing of the collections is distinguished by a craftsmanship and care reminiscent of a lost art. Exclusive Japanese, Italian and American fabrics are used for their quality and comfort. Antik Denim is a favorite among style-conscious men and woman and offers a complete wardrobe in addition to jeans, including vintage-styled T-shirts, bags and belts.

Antik Denim Philosophy

Antik Denim is destined to become the new American classic. It is not about denim, it is about the pleasure of denim. Antik Denim’s comfortable fit, premium material and the attention to details has raised the bar. Red carpet celebrities that have worn Antik Denim include: Johnny Depp, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Teri Hatcher, Julia Roberts, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn.



Antik Denim


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