Grenson – English Brogues Since 1866

GrensonGrenson have been making beautiful shoes in England since the 1860s and are now in their third factory where they have been for over one hundred years. Using fine leathers and traditional shoemaking methods Grenson have developed some new more modern lasts but also continue to produce classics that any shoemaker would like to have in their range.

Grenson Shoes

Each and every Grenson Shoe is created by a process called “Goodyear Welted”, this was invented in the 1800’s in England and is one of the most time consuming methods of creating shoes, the main benefit of this is that each pair of shoes can be re-soled many times over making them a fantastic investment potentially lasting the owner a lifetime.

Grenson Shoes

There are 4 main departments connected to manufacturing Grensons footwear and the components follow a progressive route through each of these departments to produce the finished shoes. Theses departments are, Clicking, Closing, Lasting and Making and the Finishing and Shoe Room. From start to finish will take around 3 weeks to make a top quality Goodyear welted shoe whereas in cheaper shoe production the rule of thumb is often that if it cannot be made in 5 minutes it won’t be profitable!

Grenson Shoes


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