Summer Style for Ladies – Its In Your Jeans

Summer Style for Ladies - Its In Your JeansIt’s In Your Jeans Summer Essentials Guide.

Did you wake up this morning and look out the window, see the sunny weather and think, ‘oh dear I don’t have anything to wear? No different to the rest of the people in England then.

Most of us probably presumed that we wouldn’t have any nice weather until at least July and the rest would use the excuse of ‘I didn’t have time’ This is where Its In Your Jeans comes straight to the rescue with our brand new Summer Stock which is arriving daily and being put straight on the shop floor and on the website so you can quickly and easily order your on – trend summer outfit.

Summer Style - Ladieswear at Its In Your JeansChinos are the perfect trousers to serve for all purposes, from the park to an evening meal. We absolutely love the new Replay Chinos in Beige, and for those who like to embrace the colour Replay Chinos in Cerise would be perfect for you! Roll them up and team with a pair of Toms and a True Religion Shirt and you have a well-styled, effortless outfit.

Summer Style for Ladies - Its In Your JeansIf your going to chill out at the beach then the Replay Floral Playsuit is perfect for you. Its floral print is on trend this summer and the thin straps ensure that you won’t be getting big tan lines! Replay has played a huge part in the fashion circuit since 1978 and has perfected looks for a fashion conscious trend – setter.

Summer Style for Ladies - Its In Your JeansGetting the perfect jeans for the summer sun is critical. The Hudson Collin Reckford Skinny gives you the light summer wash and the ideal comfort for those lazy days in the sun. If you are looking for a baggy pair for an afternoon in the beer garden, the Replay cropped joggers will serve for the occasion, match up with a pair of Supertrash Sandals and a replay shirt.

Summer Style for Ladies - Its In Your JeansIf you want to follow the celebs across the globe then, Wildfox is the solution for you. For those of you who haven’t heard about Wildfox Couture, friends Emily and Kimberly created it. Their designs are based on American Vintage knitwear, inspired by their childhood dreams, books, dreams, fairies and friendship. Teaming a tee such as the Royal Heart Cake with a pair of Replay Rogelyn jeans will give you an instant celebrity look.

Summer Style for Ladies - Its In Your JeansWhen the weather is a little cooler than usual, you can count on us to have plenty of coats in stock! Barbour is big in the fashion scene right now and we pride ourselves on supplying a wide range of the Barbour stock. A summer favourite this year has been the Barbour International Rainbow, in varying colour’s, from white to bright yellow, to the classic red. Barbour will definitely be the thing to wear during festival season once again! A timeless classic.

Maxi dresses gleam instant glam and with Supertrash and Jolaby, there is bound to be the ideal one for you. Sunglasses, a big handbag and some chunky bangles and a pair of Supertrash heels will be perfect for this summer!

So if you did wake up this morning and had no idea what to wear, Its In Your Jeans has the perfect solution for a perfect summer!

Its In Your Jeans


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