CREEP by Hiroshi Awai – New to Its In Your Jeans

Creep was founded in Osaka, Japan by Kiyofumi Aawi in 1997. Since then, Creep has sold its cutting-edge designs in dozens of stores in the US.

Creep is for the working man, who is not necessarily constricted to the rigid structures of the corporate world, he can be well dressed, minus the suit, and with a personal touch. The Creep man is bound to stand out with the autumn 2011 collection. In addition to looking sharp and put together, Creep also uses organic cotton, which is plus for the environmentally friendly style watcher.

Creep is hardly new, it was founded 13 years ago in Osaka, Japan but has only recently made its way onto the mainstream style scene, starting in the US and now making its way into the UK, mostly due to Hiroshi Awai, the Japanese-born but Toronto-based designer who became Men’s Creative Director for Creep in 2008. Fashion’s a family affair for Awai. He took over the label from his older brother and says he is developing his designs from growing up around the sketches and patterns his father created, who’s been a designer back in Japan for over four decades.

In Hiroshi Awai own words:

Hiroshi Awai Inspirations – 

For spring, I had this image in my head of WASPs having a pool party in the ’60s, and since I always have a passion for functional work wear design, I mixed the notions of high class with working class.

Hiroshi Awai Philosophy –

Complexity within simplicity. Men who wear Creep are guys who have their own style. My clothes are just there to enhance that.

Hiroshi Awai Pricing – 

I want my collection to be totally accessible and affordable for everybody. I don’t want to make clothes only certain people can afford. It is difficult to keep the price low while maintaining the quality. But I try my best to find the common ground.


Creep at Its In Your Jeans

Its In Your Jeans is proud to be a stockist of this great brand and offer a selection of coats, outerwear, shirts and knitwear from Creep. Check out the new collection at today!



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